Happy Days #1 | Pre-school boosters, pooh sticks and a petition

I love the idea behind the Happy Days linky. I think it’s a great idea to take a moment at the end of the week to think about all the things that have made you happy. Now I’m not one to pretend that life is all sunshine and roses all of the time, but a little bit of positivity is never a bad thing. So I’m going to join in, and hope I can think of at least a couple of things!

Here is my first ever happy list for this week

  • The meningitis B vaccine petition is the most signed petition ever on the government website!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about (where have you been?) look here (and sign immediately). What an amazing legacy for Faye and I hope it can bring her family some small comfort. If you’ve already signed the petition (thank you) and you want to do more, you could write a letter to your MP asking for their support when it is debated in parliament.
  • Talking of vaccines, as well as Ernie having his first set this week, Mabel had her pre-school boosters. She sat on my lap and we prepared her for a bit of a sting in each of her arms. She sat so nicely for the nurse and didn’t make a sound, I was so proud of how brave she was, and really glad that I didn’t have a sad girl on my hands to cheer up.
  • On Thursday we spent the day with my mum, my sister and my little nephew. We had a good old natter, the kids played really nicely together (mostly) and my nephew showed us his walking which he has just started doing. We walked down to soft play past the river with the sun shining and played pooh sticks on the bridge. It was a really lovely day.
  • Carl came home with take away on Friday and then tidied up all the kids mess once they were asleep (there was a lot…Cheerios all over the floor amongst other things. A lot of things happened on Friday, most of which do not belong on this list). Oh and he brought me my favourite chocolate. I quite honestly don’t deserve him.
  • Today I made some muffins and I’m really pleased with them, they actually look like muffins! If I sound surprised it’s because I am. I might even blog the recipe so watch this space.
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