Drawing Flowers | The Ordinary Moments

Its Saturday morning, and Carl has taken Greta to her first football class. Ernie is asleep in the wrap on me, and Mabel and I are both still in our PJs having a lazy morning. I’ve been writing lists in a notepad, one of my favourite activities. Actually doing the things I’ve written down is unimportant by the way, it’s making the list that counts don’t you know? Mabel had been having a bit of ipad time, one of her favourite activities. Just a typical weekend morning when we don’t have anywhere particular to be.

‘Mummy, can I do some drawing in your book?’ Mabel asks. She has lots of paper that she could draw on, but drawing in Mummy’s special book, now that is the most exciting thing possible. ‘Sure’ I reply, mostly because it’s a good opportunity to get the ipad off of her without a fight and then hide it somewhere. ‘I’m going to draw some flowers’ she informs me. ‘Ok’ I mutter whilst sneaking the ipad behind my back and quietly shoving it into a drawer behind me. By the time I look back she has drawn 2 lovely flowers with long stalks, a circle at the top and petals all around it. I’m amazed at her pen control, she’s not a child that sits down to draw very often, so I don’t really get to see what she can do, especially not all by herself with no direction. One of my favourite things about being a mum is when your child surprises you by doing something new. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of shocked pride.

I quickly grab my camera to snap some pictures while Mabel draws some more ‘You wanna see how I do it Mummy, see, I just draw a line like this, and then some circles, see……? I’m drawing it for Greta for when she gets home. Are Greta and Daddy going to be home soon?’. Before long the front door opens, in bursts Greta, and Mabel goes running off to thrust her picture into her little sisters hands.

This is why I blog. These are the moments I want to remember, the boring, every day, mundane, ordinary moments, that otherwise would be completely forgotten by the time we went to bed tonight, but instead will be captured, for us to reminisce about and enjoy in years to come.

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8 thoughts on “Drawing Flowers | The Ordinary Moments

  1. I agree, your children have beautiful names. And it is so lovely to see them so proud of their creations isn’t it? My eldest’s latest thing is to write sentences in an exercise book and she is so proud of them all the time- most of the time they don’t really make sense but she is getting better each day. ;0)

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