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Yesterday, we spent a very chilly couple of hours at the farm where we have an annual membership. It was fun, as always, but it was really cold. Well, along with the feeling in our fingers and toes, we must have temporarily lost our minds, because we decided it would be a great idea to pop into The Harvester on the way home for our dinner. It wasn’t really until we’d got in and sat down, that I realised what we had done. It was the first time since we’ve been outnumbered by under fours that we’ve attempted to go to a restaurant. I was a bit nervous I must admit. Would Mabel spill her drink all over the table like she so often does at home? Would Greta wet herself and then insist on stripping off her bottom half right there at the table? Would Ernie cry loudly until Carl puts him in the wrap and stands up bobbing around next to the table, shovelling food in his mouth in between patting his bum? Well, the answer was yes, all of those things happened. A particular highlight was Greta standing on her chair, naked from the waist down, wiggling her hips and singing ‘I got my bum out, I got my bum out’. I covered her up as quickly as I could, but she’s quite the exhibitionist it would seem.


The moment that Mabel’s glass went flying

But despite all the craziness, we had a brilliant time. The staff were lovely, coming over to help clear up Mabel’s drink and replacing her soggy dinner straight away. If the other diners gave us any funny looks then I didn’t notice, I was too busy laughing at my children’s crazy antics anyway. Something that I’m learning about life with my three little ones is that nothing is ever going to be straight forward again. Every day is always going to have it’s mad moments and upsets, and it’s very easy to feel my stress levels rising, especially when we try to leave the house. But if I try to relax, go with the flow, remember to laugh, and always choose a family friendly restaurant, everything will be ok.



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10 thoughts on “A Meal Out | The Ordinary Moments

  1. Haha brilliant! I think that trying to be easy going is the best way to be really. And if in doubt laugh when really you want to cry. We eat out a lot as a family, our girls are really used to eating out (Although of course they don’t always behave!) but I can’t imagine taking three out. We often joke when we eat out in a restaurant what it will be like in a few months time- I think takeaways will be our new treat. 😉 x

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    • Definitely! And there are lots of good restaurants doing takeaway these days too. For a real treat, sometimes we give the kids their dinner, wait till they are in bed and then get a takeaway. Then we even get to eat it when it’s hot! x


  2. We had a similar day on Sunday, a trip to the farm and then for some lunch. My youngest is 21/2 and we are finally at the stage where we can go out to eat and relax as the girls are really good, obviously I have to bring a bag full of entertainment and have the Ipad on hand just in case! Pleased you enjoyed your day x

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    • Yes it does feel a bit weird because we had almost but not quite got to that stage and then we added a baby again and went back to square one! The Ipad is a life saver I agree, how did our parents manage without one? x


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