Footprint Tulips | Mother’s Day gifts

I love a home made gift that I can make with the children. They love to give presents that they have made and its nice to show them that giving presents isn’t always about spending lots of money. Especially on Mother’s Day, I think it’s really nice to give a handmade keepsake gift to the grandmas.

So this weekend I had one of my “brilliant ideas” for something to make. As usual, this started with Carl sighing and rolling his eyes at me as I sent him off to buy supplies, and ended in a big mess and a creation that we are all a bit surprised is actually rather nice.

My idea this time was to decorate a canvas with tulips made from the children’s footprints.

footprint tulips kids craft homemade gift ideafootprint tulips kids craft homemade gift idea

Trying to get footprints from 3 wriggly children is always a dangerous game to play, one slip and you’ve ruined the whole thing, but I’ve had a lot of practice and I was feeling  brave. My top tips are to sit the child on your lap, make it as quick and as fun as possible, and always do one more than you need, just incase.

After we’d restrained them for long enough to get 9 footprints each, it only seemed fair to let them loose to go wild with the paint on a big bit of paper.

footprint tulips kids craft homemade gift idea

footprint tulips kids craft homemade gift idea

The last step was for me to ruin finish them off with some green paint and there you go…


Maybe not Pinterest worthy, but I’m sure Nanny and Nana will each treasure their home made present and hide them in the spare room display them proudly for years to come (or at least a week).

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4 thoughts on “Footprint Tulips | Mother’s Day gifts

  1. I tried edible paint with my 7month old, he ate most of it! I would love to try foot painting to make gifts but I fear my little man will alas just eat it. Maybe next year!!


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