Toddler Tuesday | Baby Bath Time

This morning, the Toddler and I gave her babies a bath. Greta is rather obsessed with her babies and she loves looking after them, she even calls herself ‘Mama Greta’ and talks to them lovingly as she drags them along by the foot (not a parenting skill she has learnt from me). She carts them around all over the place and they were starting to look a bit grubby so I thought it was about time they had a good scrub.toddler role play activity to introduce baby care for a new sibling


Because of her love of all things baby, I always knew she was going to be a brilliant big sister, helping with nappy changes and always ready with a cuddle and a sloppy kiss. What I didn’t think about was how heavy handed she can be when she gets over excited and, being a toddler, her lack of self awareness makes her a bit of a danger around a real life baby sometimes. So, I’m trying to reinforce how gentle and careful you need to be around babies, and in the interests of safety, I thought perhaps we should start with a toy baby. I probably should have done this before Ernie was born, but hey ho, he’s not been hurt so far, so no harm done (although we’ve had some near misses).

toddler role play activity to introduce baby care for a new sibling

She seemed to get the idea quite quickly to be gentle like it was a real baby. She pretended to wash the babies hair and gave the baby a ‘massage’ bless her.

toddler role play activity to introduce baby care for a new sibling

She even gave herself a little wash!

Have lots of towels on stand by if you’re going to try this, everyone’s going to get wet!



‘Look at yours Mummy, my baby’

Obviously I’m not going to start letting her bath Ernie on her own! But I feel like she understands a little bit more about being gentle around babies. And she loved the chance to be ‘Mama Greta’ again. I wish I’d done more things like this before Ernie was here so she would have been a little bit more prepared for what life with a baby was going to be like.

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